Watch TV Online Is Coming…

by admin on August 1, 2011

People want to know, “How can I watch TV Online?”.  I know because I was one of them.  It can feel a bit overwhelming.  There are a lot software programs that claim they can allow you to watch television on your computer, but if you’re like me you want to make sure a software is worth it before investing.  Plus is it going to be subscription based because I’m also interested in some free alternatives.

By now everyone knows you can play DVDs or movies on your laptop, and Netflix even allows you to stream movies right from their site onto your PC.  As of a few weeks ago I was still getting my DVDs in the mail, but it seems all the good new releases and TV shows were all available on demand or live.

Now what about plugging your laptop into a TV and watching youtube videos on your TV.  Which TVs can you do it with and do you need any special cords or adapters like HDMI cables?  There’s no doubt a lot of ground to cover on this topic and that’s why I’ve started this blog.  I want to help you make the best decision in a fast effective way without you spending too much time trying to figure everything out.  That’s my job or at least that’s my hobby.

Hopefully you’ll follow along and I’ll help you get up and running watching your favorite TV series and flicks online soon.